Duty Rosters

DSC use DutyMan to manage its duty rota. An example of the DutyMan displays are shown below. All DSC Members will have accounts on DutyMan so they can keep track of their duties and arrange duty swaps as necessary. DutyMan has a variety of features including emailing reminders to members about their pending duties.


DSC Duties this Week

DSC Activity Programme

The current version of the OOD handbook can be downloaded here.

Please note:

  1. Officers of the Day and Assistant Officers of the Day should arrive by the club by 1030 hrs
  2. It may, rarely, be necessary for AODs to enter the water to rescue sailors and/or boats. OODs and AODs should have available suitable clothing (dry or wet suits), something warm to change into and of course a buoyancy aid.
  3. During the summer and holiday series, with three races, the day’s activities will often end at around 1600 hrs, but the OOD and team should be prepared to stay until 17:00hrs if members want to continue sailing.
  4. The winter series has two races and may end earlier. The full details of timings can be found in the OOD handbook.
  5. If for any reason a member is unable to attend for the programmed duty, it is their responsibility to arrange a swap through DutyMan.
  6. It is NOT possible to find a substitute by just telephoning or emailing the roster secretary.
  7. If an AOD, for an important personal reason, is at short notice unable to attend his or her scheduled duty, he or she should contact the appropriate OOD and him of the problem.