Club Boats

We have a range of club boats available for hire by members only. Members are welcome to take guests in the boats with them, but the boat is the responsibility of the member who hired it and they are expected to be in charge of it at all times.

There is no system for booking boats, they are available on a first come first served basis and a hire form should be filled out and left with payment in the clubhouse.

During training events the training team have first priority on all the club boats, but do not always use all of them. If you want to hire a club boat during training please speak to the Senior Instructor in charge first to check availability.

Youth Boats

RS Tera

TeraET2013bThe RS Tera is the smallest boat we have and is suitable for young sailors from age 8 up to teenagers. We have 8 boats available but they are usually in use during youth training. These boats were all new in 2014.

We also have some of the larger pro rigs which make the boats more fun to race for our more advanced youngsters.


cw-topperThe topper is suitable for most young sailors.  Our boats are reasonably elderly,  have replica sails and have been modified for centre main use. We have 7 boats available, but these are usually in use during youth training.






The Laser PicoLaser_Pico_ai_s is a simple fun and versatile boat. A little bigger than the Topper it can be sailed with or without the jib, by one teenager or adult, or 2 children. Lots of people have used these to take younger children out with an adult to teach them to sail. We have 4 boats which are sometimes used in our training courses.


Feva_Day_1-HISC_fevaGP_2013The Feva is a doublehanded boat that can be sailed by two young people, or an adult and a smaller child. They are ideal for parents who want to race with their children. We have 5 boats available,  these are often in use during youth training, but on Sundays some of them are usually free for the race. All are equipped with the S mainsail and have spinnakers available, we also have 2 XL mainsails.


Laser_38614.1409238095.1280.12801__96569.1412971210.1280.1280We have 3 Laser hulls and a selection of rigs including Radial and 4.7 rigs for use by teenagers.

Although our Lasers are elderly and do not have XD fittings they are enjoyed by members who wish to try this very popular boat.



 Adult / Family Boats

The Lasers and the Picos are both suitable for sailing by adults, and some of our lighter weight members enjoy sailing the Toppers.  We also have a number of larger boats.

Topper Argo.

New in 2013 we have 2 of these boats equipped with spinnakers. Large enough for 3 adults – or possibly 2 adults and 2 children – they are stable and roomy enough for recreational sailing but also have the performance to make them interesting and challenging to race. They are sometimes used by our training courses on Saturdays.


wayfarer_photoA true classic of the dinghy sailing world these stable boats are ideal for family sailing – grandparents and young children alike will feel perfectly safe.  Due their relatively large sail area and tall mast they are actually quite competitive when sailed in our fleet racing, and are a great way to get the whole family out racing.  Our’s have been rigged with centre main sheeting and most of our sails can be reefed. We have 2 boats and they are usually used in our Saturday adult training courses.