The Lake


Inspired FacilitiesWe are very fortunate at DSC to have a mature 40-acre Lagoon – with its own islands, plenty of space for picnics and an abundence of wildlife. Dorchester Lagoon is an ecosystem in its own right which we hope to protect and enjoy long into the future.


In 2013 DSC was awarded a grant of over ¬£24,000 from Sport England’s Inspired Facilities fund, to carry out work to remove the dead tree stumps and level the shallow areas around the small islands to increase the area on which we can sail. This work was completed in January 2014 and the extended sailing area was officially opened by the Rt Hon John Howell, MP for Henley constituency.

The work was carried out sympathetically to the nature of the site, outside the breeding season of the birds, fish and other wildlife which share the site with us.

The completed work enables us to have more activities, particularly during training periods, with groups more easily able to move from one end of the lake without disturbing one another.

The grant was for 100% of the bid we submitted for funding, and most people who contributed to the fund appeal agreed we could carry their contributions over towards the cost of an additional boat house, which has long been needed for safe, secure storage of the power boats and engines. We bought two more small RIBs  for instructors to use. Thank you to everyone who agreed for their contributions to be carried over.

Later in 2014 the secure boat compound was extended to provide separate berthing for the Club fleet of dinghies.