New Tera Pro sails


We have bought 3 Tera pro sails with a donation from local company Williams Jet Tenders. The pro sails can be fitted in place of the standard sail on any of the Teras and give the boat a serious performance boost. We won’t be letting our beginners course loose on them just yet…

Have a chat to a member of the instructing team if you want to be shown how to rig them, as you can see a few of them have been doing a spot of testing.


Informal race coaching from 5th November


Our regular informal Sunday morning coaching sessions are starting again on 5th November 2017 Check the calendar each week as we rely on experienced volunteers. The idea is to create an environment where less experienced of less confident sailors can practice and develop their skills.

Any competent young & novice sailor is welcome – i.e. someone who has completed RYA Stage 3 for youth or RYA Level 2 for adults. We also welcome anyone who has not quite completed these, but feels confident with sailing in the conditions on the day.

The plan is:

9.30:  Arrive and rig a boat, so that we can get on the water by 10.

10-11: Coaching. It is not a formal RYA course. The coaching will be run by a few experienced sailors, who will provide safety cover.

11.30:  Possibility of participating in club race. The races will be run by the usual OOD/AOD/SBH team who will provide safety cover. We are looking at asking OODs to organise novice starts if there are enough people interested.

Participants use their own boats or hire club boats (double or single handed). A few points to note:

1. Responsibility for young sailors remains with their parents, who must be on site.
2. If you use a club boat please fill in a form, pay the usual fee and report any  faults
3. You will need to put away your own boat.

If you have any queries/questions please email

Christmas Colouring Competition

We are running the Christmas Tree Competition again this year.  We thought it would be great if the children of Dorchester Sailing Club either decorate a small sail boat to put on the tree or decorate a large sailboat to make into Garlands to go around the walls.  There will be a box in the sailing cub with the sailboats in or you can download either one by clicking here for the tree decoration and here for the garland . If you download them can you please use card and also please don’t make the boats any bigger or smaller than they are so they will fit nicely on the tree or garland.

Only ONE entry per child either a tree sailboat or garland sailboat, if you’re not happy with the one you have made you can take it home and enter a new one. Once you’ve got your boat you can bring your own things to decorate it at the club or take it home with you and bring it back when you have finished it. You can decorate them anyway you want to, you can also add stuff to them as well.

We are going to give out prizes for the best ones from each age group at the Christmas Pudding Race so don’t forget to put your name and age on the back and return it NO later than 11am on the day of the Christmas pudding race, Sunday 17th December. If you know you won’t be at the club on that day then please put your parents email address on the back so we can let you know if you win. When you have finished your boat you can put it in the box provided in the club house. If the tree is up then you can put it onto the tree yourself if you want to. If you have decorated a Garland put it in the box and we will put them onto the garland for you.

The age groups are 0-3years, 4-6years, 7-10years, 11-14years and 15-18years. Have loads of fun and we can’t wait to see all the lovely entries.  T=You could win one of these prizes…

If you have any questions or problems you can email Kim McLaughlin: